Kalafina – To The Beginning

This song gets godly at 3:00 🙂

P.S.:  Looking for a video hosting site to upload copyrighted videos.. ¯\(o_o)/¯


Sadly, no video streaming website was found. Ended up uploading it to FileHosting.



3 comments on “Kalafina – To The Beginning

  1. Darknss44 says:

    Can you make spyair-Last moment video and Fate/zero ending full please? :C I really appreciate it thank you!

    • Burny says:

      Fate/zero songs are all awesome, so awesome that they’re copyrighted. :/

      That plus I currently have no computer and no time to make videos anymore..

      I apologize if that disappoints you, I thought it’d be bad to ignore a post on my blog.

      Have a nice day!

  2. Darknss44 says:

    ending 1 btw

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